Recommended by dermatologists for 30 years: 5 scientific tips to keep acne away from your face

Preventing Acne with Diet and Skincare Routine 

1. Avoid high-sugar foods: Sugary and fried foods, commonly enjoyed by girls, can contribute to acne. Focus on a diet rich in vegetables and fruits to alleviate breakouts. 

2. Proper face cleansing: Start by thoroughly cleaning your face. Remember to wash your hands before applying cleansing products. Instead of directly applying cleanser to your face, squeeze it onto your hands, create a lather, and then wash your face. This method is gentler on the skin and easier to rinse off. Use warm water as hot or cold water can irritate the skin. 

3. Reduce stress: Stress can disrupt hormones and lead to acne. Take time to relax and manage your stress levels. Avoid consuming stimulating foods that can trigger acne development. 

4. Increase zinc intake: Include zinc-rich foods in your diet as zinc helps control oil production. Options like seafood, lean meats, and eggs are excellent sources of zinc. 

5. Get enough vitamins: Vitamins play a vital role in skincare and can help combat acne. Incorporate foods rich in vitamins, such as dairy products, eggs, vegetables, organ meats, and fish, into your diet for effective prevention of breakouts.

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