What should I do if my liver is hot and I often have acne? The doctor teaches you four "war pox" tricks

Liver fire can cause acne on the face. This is because excessive liver fire leads to irritability and phlegm, which can result in acne. It is important to understand how to regulate liver fire to prevent acne.

1. Methods to Regulate Liver Fire: - Drink liver-protecting tea to detoxify the liver and improve its function. A healthy liver will reduce acne breakouts.

2. Develop good lifestyle habits such as quitting smoking, avoiding alcohol, and maintaining a regular sleep schedule to regulate the secretion system and control oil production. - Maintain a balanced diet by avoiding fried, spicy, and high-sugar foods, as they can worsen acne. - Practice good personal hygiene, but avoid excessive cleansing and squeezing pimples with your hands to prevent skin infections. - Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water to promote metabolism and eliminate toxins from the body, reducing discomfort caused by liver fire.

3. Foods to Eat to Reduce Liver Fire: - Tomatoes: Rich in nutrients, tomatoes can cool the body, detoxify, and protect the liver. - Green bean soup: Helps cool the body, eliminate liver fire, and is beneficial for those with liver fire-related acne. - Bitter melon: Especially suitable for dry autumn weather, bitter melon can reduce liver fire and relieve fatigue. - Honey: Apart from its beauty benefits, honey can boost immunity and protect the liver.

4. Controlling Emotions: Manage your emotions and avoid anger and irritability, as these can harm the liver and result in acne. Try to maintain a calm and positive mindset. Conclusion: Do not panic if acne appears due to liver fire. Proactively address the issue by paying attention to details and incorporating vitamin-rich, light-green foods into your diet. Remember to regulate your emotions and seek appropriate remedies. Share your experiences and tips in the comments!

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