Has a lot of pimples appeared? Does drinking herbal tea work? Don't be too naive

Can Herbal Tea Really Cure Acne? 

 Acne has become a common problem for many people, even after adolescence. Some believe that acne is caused by "heat" in the body and that drinking herbal tea can help. However, this method may not work for everyone. 

Expert Opinion: According to Professor Yang Jian from Guangzhou Medical University, acne is not solely caused by "heat" in the body. There are different types of acne, and drinking herbal tea may only be effective for acne caused by excess heat in the lungs. It is important to treat acne according to its underlying cause. 

Dietary Recommendations: Regardless of the cause of acne, adjusting one's diet can be helpful. It is advisable to avoid spicy, fatty, fishy, and high-sugar foods. Instead, consume more fresh fruits and vegetables, foods rich in vitamin A, and foods containing zinc. 

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