Got acne again? Don't squeeze the acne on your face casually, it may be serious or fatal

1. Introduction: In the summer, many people suffer from acne on their faces. This article explains why it is dangerous to pop pimples and provides scientific methods for treating and preventing acne.

2. The risks of popping pimples: Popping pimples can lead to red marks and even scars on the skin. It can also cause a dangerous infection in the "danger triangle" area of the face.

3. The danger triangle: The "danger triangle" is a region in the middle of the face where infections can spread easily. It is important to avoid popping pimples in this area to prevent serious complications like brain infections.

4. Treating acne with topical medications: For mild to moderate acne, topical medications can be effective. Antibacterial creams can kill acne bacteria and reduce inflammation. Retinoids can improve skin cell turnover and dissolve pimples.

5. Prevention of acne: Proper sleep is essential for healthy skin, so avoiding late nights and getting enough rest is important. Keeping the skin clean and avoiding excessive oil production is crucial in preventing acne. Consuming a balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables and staying hydrated can also help prevent acne. 

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